At CQB Adventures, we specialise in making memories.

We have a range of exciting activities available to make sure that your event is an experience that will always be remembered!

All the action takes place in our 10,000 square foot arena, which is suitable for many types of events!

Birthday Parties • Stags/Hens • Team Building • Fun Days Out

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Laser Combat

£15 for 2 hour session £10.50 For 1 HOUR Laser Blast   
From 7 years old
 (1 hour sessions only available on Thursday and Friday evenings) 
 Booking essential

Using weaponry that will be recognisable from online games like Fortnite, participants in our exciting laser combat sessions will enjoy shooting invisible beams of light at their opponents!

Their competitive spirit will rise as they use Heckler & Kock MP5 and P90 taggers to progress through well-designed missions until one team triumphs over the other!

Whilst our standard sessions usually last two hours, we also provide one hour ‘Laser Blast’ sessions on Thursday and Friday evenings, which are perfect for children eager to blast off some steam after school!

PLEASE NOTE: 1 Hour Sessions are not suitable  / do not offer enough time for parties

Standard Paintball

£20 with 200 paintballs • £6 per additional 100 balls
From 11 years old

Upon arriving at our 10,000 square foot combat arena you’ll be issued with the necessary safety gear that will allow you to concentrate on ensuring that you’re team claims victory in each of your missions.

You’ll then receive your weapon. Our high-powered BT Combat markers are capable of firing .68 caliber paintballs at a velocity of 270 feet per second!

We’ve designed special missions including ‘Bomb the Base’ and ‘Capture the Flag’ that will test each team’s ability to work tactically as a unit whilst the arena fills with smoke and sound effects hinder communication!

Low-Impact Paintball

£20 for 200 paintballs • £6 per additional 100 balls
From 8 years old

Many people are put off paintballing experiences because of the ‘pain’ element. That’s why we’ve chosen to provide low-impact paintballing sessions that contain all of the excitement of our standard paintballing sessions, but with 70% less sting!

These high-adrenaline sessions are perfect for parties that want to take a step-up from laser combat, and can be enjoyed by the whole family!

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Walk-in Paintball Sessions • Night Ops • Zombie Survival

We offer special rates to clubs and organisations, get in touch for more information!